Bald and Bankrupt Net Worth: As of 2022, it’s estimated that Bald and Bankrupt net worth is approximately $2.5 million dollars! His real name is Benjamin Rich. He has been an English YouTuber since 2015 when he first uploaded his travel vlogs on YouTube which eventually led him around the world visiting places like China or Japan for instance – all while capturing footage along with insightful interviews along these journeys to give us a chance insight into what life was actually.

He has done many travel vlogs, but most of his traveling is in Soviet Union countries. He also wrote an article about Off the map for those who want to see what he sees when exploring faraway places like Mongolia or Cuba!

While traveling the globe, Sami spent time in many countries. He has been to places like Ethiopia and Cuba but he also said that his favorite destination so far was India because of their rich culture which you can see demonstrated through its vast colors on every inch of this great nation!

I am really looking forward to his next adventure which I know will be another fascinating story from one man’s perspective throughout different cultures around our planet Earth.

When he traveled to India, his friend from YouTube whom he had met in Ukraine introduced him to the locals. They were both struck by how similar people’s lives are all over this vast country- so many similarities despite their countries’ geographical locations!

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Bald and Bankrupt Biography

Real Name Benjamin Rich
Other Names Bald and Bankrupt, Mr. Bald, Arthur Chichester
Age 47 Years
Birthday July 1, 1974
Birthplace England
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.89 m)
Weight 80 Kg or 178 lbs
Gender Male
Nationality English
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Irish- Polish
Hometown Brighton, England
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife N/A
Girlfriend Alina Adzika
Profession YouTuber,Travel Vlogger, Author
Years Active 2018- Present
Genre Travel Vlog
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth $2.5 Million
Instagram realbaldandbankrupt
Youtube Bald and Bankrupt

Bald and Bankrupt Early life

Bald and Bankrupt were born on July 1, 1974.

Bald and Bankrupt Early life

He was born as Benjamin Rich to a family of Irish-Polish ethnicity, but his real name is also known as Mr. Bald and Arthur Chichester. His zodiac sign is cancer which means he might be interested in health or wellness-related fields professionally someday soon!

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Bald and Bankrupt Education

He completed his high school education in the town where he was born. But, surprisingly enough to know about this man’s college or university life – we can’t find any information at all!

Bald and Bankrupt Family

He is a British citizen who belongs to an English family. There’s no information about his siblings or parents, but that doesn’t stop him from being amazing!

Bald and Bankrupt Wife/Girlfriend

Benjamin Rich is a divorced man who recently married his wife. However, after some time together they ended up divorcing and he now has a daughter from his ex-wife.

Bald and Bankrupt girlfriend’s name is Alina Adzika. She is from Belarus.

Bald and Bankrupt Wife/Girlfriend

Many people claim that Alina is Bald and Bankrupt’s wife now as they got married recently, but the couple has not confirmed yet.

Bald and Bankrupt Career

He started his YouTube channel to document the travels of a young man who is always on the go. His friend, Harald Baldr motivated him in this venture and they have been able to grow together as business partners ever since!

Bald and Bankrupt Career

Bald and Bankrupt first video was made in India. He called this video “I love India’s Policewoman.” He uploaded it on July 12, 2018. The content of the original post is about how much he adores Indian women police officers because they’re so beautiful and strong despite their size or complexion which makes them stand out from other people in some ways!

Bald and Bankrupt have been living in India for a long time, but he was always interested in traveling. When Bald started his YouTube channel on travel vlogs from there it didn’t take him too much to make videos of different countries around the world with their unique cultures!

When he was living in England, United Kingdom, and had a book shop but after some time started getting loss with his business so at point got filed for bankruptcy. For a life lived and moved over here and worked as a hotel manager.

In the passage above we see that despite being bankrupted by the failure of businesses such as books or running hotels; Anant Vaid did not let this stop him from pursuing what made him happy which happened to be cooking!

He travels to many countries and has been able to create an influence in India. He covers areas such as New Delhi, North Delhi, etc., which are considered among some of the poorest regions with a significant lack of facilities for locals there – he speaks their language fluently because it’s also his mother tongue! Kartiks’ videos on this topic make him really popular; people love how honest yet informative they can be when telling stories from someone who lives there every day (and therefore knows what needs improving).

In 2019, he started gaining a lot of subscribers after PewDiePie mentioned in an interview that his favorite YouTuber is Bald and Bankrupt.

He is not just an author, but also a travel guide who has been to many countries around the world. He wrote “The Burning Edge” Traveling Through Irradiated Belarus about his experience and how people survived after being affected by Chernobyl disasters; it’s really interesting!

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Fun Fact About Bald and Bankrupt

  • The name Bald and Bankrupt means, the Bankrupt refers to the Bankruptcy Case of his bookshop business, and bald came from Benjamin being bald after he lost his business.
  • To start a travel vlogging career, he has been motivated by his friend Harald Baldr.
  • Benjamin Rich’s videos are very popular because they lack any unnecessary editing, and have low background noise with simple introductions that give off an old-fashioned vibe he controls entirely.
  • Mr. Bald never wanted to reveal his real name, even though he published his book ” The Burning Edge” as Arthur Chichester, his pseudonym.
  • Bald and Bankrupt lifestyle is all about traveling; he likes to travel and explore different parts of the world. He once mentioned his interest in Russia and the Soviet Union.
  • He can speak Hindi fluently and also understand and speak Russian and Spanish.
  • His YouTube channel has almost 3.5 million subscribers and millions of views

Bald and Bankrupt Net Worth

As of 2022, the estimated Bald and Bankrupt net worth is $2.5 million.

Bald and Bankrupt Net Worth

The handsome young man’s YouTube channel has been a great success and he makes a considerable amount from advertising on it. His monthly income is around $30k which comes primarily through promotion fees, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other sources too!

FAQs about Bald and Bankrupt

1:How tall is Bald and Bankrupt?

Bald and Bankrupt are very tall; his height is 6 feet and 2 inches (1.89 m).

2:How old is Bald and Bankrupt?

Bald and Bankrupt are 47 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on July 1 and was born in 1974.

3:What is Bald and Bankrupt net worth?

As of 2022, the estimated Bald and Bankrupt net worth is $2.5 million.

4:Who is Bald and Bankrupt?

Bald and Bankrupt, whose real name is Benjamin Rich, is an  English YouTuber, Author, and Travel Vlogger.

5:What camera does bald and bankrupt use?

Bald and Bankrupt use many cameras for his travel vlogging, but recently he has been using a Sony FDR X-3000 4k; it is an action cam with high resolution.

6:How did Benjamin Rich aka Bald and Bankrupt learn Russian?

Benjamin Rich learned Russian during his traveling in Russia. He is very interested in Russian countries, so he learned it while living in Russia through local people.

7:What happened to Bald and Bankrupt?

He went bankrupt in England. He started a business of bookshop that faced many losses, and at last, he filed for bankruptcy for borrowing a huge amount of loan.


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