Big 30 Net Worth: As of 2022, Big 30 net worth is estimated at $1 million. The American-based rapper has seen his popularity grow rapidly in recent years and he’s now one of the fastest-growing names within the US hip-hop scene!

His rap career has been riding on the back of his ability to captivatingly showcase assets. His videos are full of lavish items that attract attention from netizens, creating hype for him and leading fans into buying what he’s selling!

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Big 30 Biography

Name Big 30
Real Name Rodney Lamont Wright Jr.
Age 22 Years
Birthday December 28, 1999
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Height 5 ft 7 In ( 1.7 m)
Weight 75 kg or 165 lbs
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Parents N/A
Girlfriend Arreana
Daughter N/A
Education N/A
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Year Active 2018-Present
Record Labels N-less, Bread Gang, Interscope
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth $1 Million
Instagram ceobig30
Twitter BigBLRRRD💥

Big 30 Real Name

Big 30’s real name is Rodney Lamont Wright Jr., and he has been making waves in America with his rap music. He signed on to N-less, Bread Gang record label after emerging from the ranks of amateur rappers last year; additionally partnering up with Interscope for distribution purposes (and getting their support).

His genres are hip-hop, trap, and gangsta rap.

Age, Height & Weight

Big 30 is a 22-year-old who was born on December 28th, 1999. He stands at 5’7″ or 1.70m tall and weighs around 75kgs (165 lbs).

Big 30’s ethnicity is Afro-American and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Big 30 Early Life

Big 30’s past is dark and horrific. He was born on December 28, 1999, in Memphis while living with poverty-stricken people who also happened to be pimps or slumps; this brought up his violent personality traits which are often displayed by the gang member lifestyle that he choose later in life.

Big 30 Early Life

In 1998 when Wright grew up – although still attending school like most kids did back then (and even playing sports) — there were some changes happening around him: crime rates increased significantly due mostly to drugs being sold outside of schools after hours so teachers would never know what happened inside during the class time.

By age 15, Big 30 had been thrown out of school multiple times for fighting and behavioral issues. Later that same year he joined up with a friend to form one of Memphis’ most influential gangsters-the West Sidephis Gangster Crips!

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He was taken to jail more than once, even though the police were ordered by a judge not to wear their bracelets. He had convictions for drug possession and illegal weapons before his incarceration began.

Big 30 Career

In 2020, Big 30 made his debut with a song titled “Murda Day.” The lyrics were focused on celebrating rap and hip hop music through this catchy tune that surpassed 3 million views within two months of its release!

Big 30 Career

His success in the music world meant a lot to him, encouraging him to make his career there.

He released his first song in May 2020 and it quickly became a huge hit with over 6 million views at the time of writing. His second release, “Just wait till October,” was also successful; currently having almost 1.9M followers on YouTube!

Big 30’s dream came true this year when he released his song “Allegations” featuring Pooh Shiesty. The masterpiece broke records and has 59 million views! It’s no wonder why so many big names from the music industry wanted to be part of it because you can tell that they were all infected by its charisma right away- there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want their work seen under such an artiste as Big 30

In October 2020, Big 30 released two songs that quickly gained millions of views. “Oppa Pac” was a collaboration with his idol and fellow idols from the younger generation shined in “First day out.”

The new single “Oppa Pac,” released on October 3rd, 2020 gained 5.6 million views while another song titled ‘First day out,’ released on October 10, 2020, surpassed 8.5 Million!

After collaborating with Pooh Shiesty, they teamed up to create ” Neighborhood Heroes”. The song features artists such as DeeMula – which gives it that extra something special. It’s been viewed 34 million times already since its release just last year alone.

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Even though Big 30 has had a few hits, he is most recognized for his solo work. He’s released many albums and each one of them were guaranteed to make waves in the music world with their innovative sound design or melody-writing skills!

On September 2, 2021, Big 30 released his first mixtape titled “King of Killbranch.” This rap effort created a sensation among music lovers and trended at number 13 in the US!

Big 30 Education

Big 30 has had a very private life, but he’s opened up about his educational background in an interview with The Sun. He said that when he was younger and got into trouble at school for fighting or Other drastic measures like running away from home – which is something else we know happened because of this reason- there were several schools who couldn’t take him any longer so they’d Just kick them out instead!

As he grew up, Big 30 met Pooh Sheisty and they became best friends. It was then when their gang got started with him at its leader who knew how to use guns better than anyone else in sight!

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Big 30 Legal Issues and Feuds

Big 30 has an extensive criminal history that includes periods of incarceration for fighting, violence, and reckless behavior.

One time, 30-year-old Keon Lewis was convicted because he shot at the habitated building. He said on this matter that no one was present at the time of the shooting but a resident said his bullet passed mere inches away from my face
He will definitely serve a jail sentence for these crimes since it’s considered a dangerous act against people who live there.

Big 30 has been convicted twice in the last year. He was arrested for carrying money and guns, along with promethazine cough syrup when he went through Memphis to Atlanta in October 2020; there was also over $17 thousand dollars worth of marijuana inside his car!

When he was caught with marijuana, gun charges, and drug paraphernalia in his possession; many people thought that this would be the end of him. But by releasing some evidence to detective agencies around town they were able to find out about an abandoned house where their suspect lived alone for years before being released back onto society after just one week behind bars!

The rap rivalry between Big 30 and Gucci Mane heated up in June 2020 when the latter called out his rival for posting pictures of him on Instagram numerous times. He responded that they only met once, but it turned out to be a publicity stunt played by both artists at some point during their encounter – which we know now was just before this incident began happening again with new posts being uploaded every day!

When 30 didn’t respond to any of Mane’s comments, he quieted down on the issue. In 2021 Big Appeared in Gucci mane single “Shit crazy” which seemed like an indication that they had finally resolved their problems and now we can move on to other things!

Big 30 Family

His parents’ names are unknown, and he never discussed his private life on media and kept it hidden. Any information regarding siblings is also not available in the records.

On January 29, 2022, Big 30 cousin Muskie was shot and killed in his hood by anonymous persons. The killer or killers left no clues as to who might have been behind this brutal crime which has left our close-knit family shattered into pieces.”

Big 30 Girlfriend & Daughter

Big 30 is currently single but has been linked to Arreana. The two were believed to be dating for a while now before it became public knowledge that they had started raising an infant daughter together as well!

Big 30’s daughter’s name has not been revealed because of his love for privacy.

Big 30 House & Cars

Big 30 is living a life of luxury. He has built himself an even grander house to accommodate all his desires and needs, including cars that he loves so much!

Big 30 House & Cars

Big 30 Net Worth

Big 30 Net Worth: In 2022, Big 30 net worth is $1 million. His primary source of income comes from his musical career as a singer-songwriter and collaborating with other artists; he also works under labels to make money through sales songs on iTunes or Spotify for example – but not all at once!

He also has a YouTube channel where he posts his official music videos.

FAQs About Big 30

1:What is the age of Big 30?

Big 30 age is 22. His birthdate is December 28, 1999.

2:What is the height of Big 30?

Big 30 height is 5 ft 7 In or 1.7m. He weighs 75 kg or 165 lbs. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

3:What is the net worth of Big 30?

Big 30 net worth in 2022 is $1 million.

4:Who is Big 30 signed to?

Big 30 is signed to N-less, Bread Gang record labels and is in partnership with Interscope.

5:Where is Big 30 from?

Big 30 is from a slump area Whitehaven, in Memphis, Tennessee, a state in the US.


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