DL Hughley Net Worth: DL Hughley is a well-known actor, stand-up comedian, and radio personality who has accumulated $12 million in assets. His talent for entertainment made him one of the most liked figures among fans around America while also making it easy to forgive any mistakes he might have made along the way because people love seeing someone so dedicated succeed at what they do.

DL Hughley Net Worth 2022

Name DL Hughley
Age 59 Years
Net Worth $12 Million
Annual Income $1 Million
Monthly Income $100,000
Gender Male
Profession Actor, Voice-Over Artist, Stand-Up Comedian, Radio Personality
Zodiac Sign Pisces

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DL Hughley Real Name

DL Hughley’s real name is Darryl Lynn. He’s an actor, voice-over artist, and stand-up comedian who also hosts radio shows.

DL Hughley Age, Height & Weight

DL Hughley is 59 years old, which makes him one of the oldest comedians in America. He was born on March 6th, 1963, and has an estimated height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.7 meters), weighing 75 kgs or 165 pounds with brown hair color that varies according to his mood.

Darryl is a non-theist, which means he doesn’t believe in God’s existence. His zodiac sign is Pisces and his ethnicity is Afro-American.

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DL Hughley Career

DL Hughley’s career was launched in 1991 when he hosted Comic View, a stand-up comedy show on BET. In the same year, Darryl made an appearance as Keith Campbell from Philadelphia during season 3 of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.”

DL Hughley Career

From 1998 to 2002, he wrote and produced a television sitcom series “The Hughley’s,” that depicted his real-life experiences living in an Afro American family with high class neighbors. The show continued until it ended then again after not long had passed by without any news about what would happen next for this particular series or even if there would be another one at all.

Darryl is a popular stand-up comedian and actor who has been in the industry for years. In 2005, He first released his own album, “D L Hughley: Notes From The GED Section” which was met with great reviews from critics around North America and internationally as well! Not only does he perform on stage all over town but also hosts talk shows that air weekly like “Weekends at DL” or performs sketches within various TV series such studios 60 located along Sunset Strip; NBC’s Scrubs–wherehe played Turk’ brother.

He hosted the BET Awards in 2008 and a CNN program called “D.L Hughley Breaks The News,” which started on October 25th of that year with him announcing his departure from it March 2009 because he wanted explore job opportunities la so that he could live near family again while hosting other TV shows across different networks including OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

Darryl “Dancing with the Stars” for a chance at two tickets to see his favorite band!
In June 2010, I had an opportunity that many people dream about – appearing on ABC’s “The View.” But this wasn’t just any talk show; it was one step away from being crowned America’s favourite breakfast cereal (I’m guessing you don’t digestion quite well enough yet?). And then after doing some guest appearances around town like TBS’ Glory Daze and serving as M.C., binary options cannonball commissioner (“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”), he participated as contestants in season sixteen.

DL Hughley is an author. His first book, “I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up” was released for readers on July 31st 2012 by Crown Archetype Press.”

The most recent book by Mr. Obama is called “Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years.” It was released on June 6th 2017 and discusses his time as president during which he achieved many goals that were hard fought for but also faced some setbacks too!

The third book by Darryl Jackson, “How Not to Get Shot” was published on June 26th of this year. It is the second and third books that were written in collaboration with William Morrow publishers as well.

His recent book, published on June 30, 2020, is “Surrender, White People” by HarperCollins.

He’s had a successful talk show that has aired on T.V., and now he hosts one called “The D L Hughley Show.” It ran from March 18th until November 21, 2019 with 138 episodes.

On July 20,2009, Darryl hosted his own morning show “The D.L. Hughley Morning Show,” on 98.7 Kiss FM. The timing meant he was competing with Steve Harvey who also had a similar program at around 6 am to 10 am; however this did not stop him from doing what he loved most – entertaining audiences all over the city.

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DL Hughley Biography

Name DL Hughley
Real Name Darryl Lynn Hughley
Age 59 Years
Birthday March 6, 1963
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, US
Hometown Los Angeles, California, US
Height 5 ft 6 In, 1.7 m, 107 cm
Weight 75 kg, 165 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
Father Charles Hughley
Mother Audrey Hughley
Siblings 3
Wife LaDonna Hughley
Kids 3
Son Kyle Aaris Hughley
Daughters Ryan Nicole Hughley, Tyler Whitney Hughley
Religion Atheist
Nationality American
Net Worth $12 Million
Instagram realdlhughley
Twitter DL Hughley

DL Hughley Early Life

DL Hughley was born on March 6, 1963 in Los Angeles California. His hometown is South Central but he moved around quite often due to gang activities until finally settling in Portsmouth where two months were spent before being expelled from high school for reckless behavior that led him down the path of bad influences and trouble-filled nights filled with drugs or alcohol abuse which shaped who DL became today.

DL Hughley Early Life

Darryl later left the gang when one of his cousins, who was in a rival gang and had been killed by their members came over to tell him about it. He decided that he wanted more out life so went on ahead with completing education while working hard day-in/out at “Los Angeles Times.” From there Darryls journey into success started because after passing GED exam papers became clear for what they mean: A bright future filled up all around you.

DL Hughley Education

DL Hughley left his home town and went to San Pedro High School, but he got expelled because of gang involvement. After getting out from the group for good though, DL took GED (General Equivalency Diploma) exams which led him into having a successful future career.

DL Hughley Family

DL Hughley’s father, Charles was a maintenance worker in Delta Air Lines while his mother Audrey also unknown. Despite being not financially stable he has many good memories with them that they supported him achieving dreams and aspirations even though it could be hard at times due to their lack of resources but through support from others including family members who are willing to help out when needed most which makes all feel like part o this big smiles program.

He has a close relationship with his siblings, who are all much older than him. He’s on number two from when they were born in order of birth; Darryl loves them and gets along great.

DL Hughley Wife & Kids

DL Hughley’s wife, LaDonna was always by his side. She supported him through thick and thin – even when he became an acclaimed stand-up comedian! The two met in 1985 after she worked as a production assistant on one of his shows that involved telephones (how romantic!). They were married 36 years ago this year; their love has survived all obstacles put before them including three children together who are now adults living successful lives filled with creativity outside our family too.

DL Hughley Wife & KidsDL Hughley with his family

He had an extramarital affair and became pregnant with his partner’s baby. But after nine months of delivery, the woman’s boyfriend shook little Benjamin to death right in front him because he knew what would happen if they were caught by both parents! When this happened LaDonna helped finance everything without asking any questions as agreed upon before hand-and so did she get rich while also saving some face for herself at home too.

DL Hughley, a father of three children who are both living happily married with their respective partners. One daughter is lesbian while the other one has Asperger’s Syndrome which makes him difficult to socialize but still loves dogs more than anyone else in his family.

DL Hughley House & Cars

DL Hughley is living the luxurious life, with grand houses in Calabasas and New York as well. He also loves cars; he has an expensive collection that includes Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota, Land Rover, and Tesla in his costly car collection.

DL Hughley has inked “Darkness” on his hand, a nickname of Murphy. He also sports several tattoos that are visible when he flexes those muscles for all to see- Darryl’s favorite one being an R sticking out from between two fingers like it was waiting specifically there so someone would notice! The pictures show alphabets along with other designs such as knives or coffins which seem more than just cosmetic; they serve some sorta function.

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DL Hughley Net Worth 2022

DL Hughley net worth in 2022 is $12 million. He made most of this money from acting, but he also hosts a TV show and does standup comedy too. He has plenty more sources that help add to his fortune- endorsements for brands like Nike or Ford cars; appearing in commercials with Bermuda sponsor Citrix Systems which pays him an average annual salary close around 3 Million dollars per year ; owning two clothing lines where one generates over 1 billion annually.

FAQs about DL Hughley

How much is DL Hughley worth?

As of 2022, DL Hughley net worth is $12 Million.

How much does DL Hughley earn annually?

DL Hughley earns more than $1,000,000 yearly.

How old is DL Hughley?

DL Hughley’s age is 59, as his birthdate is March 6, 1963.

How tall is DL Hughley?

DL Hughley’s height is 5 ft 6 In, 1.7 m, or 107 cm.


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