FunnyMike Net Worth: Funnymike is a 25-year-old, young and successful comedy star who has a net worth of $3.5 million as his YouTube channel receives more than one billion views already.

Funnymike’s real name is MacArthur Johnson, born on the 8th of October 1996. He has become famous for his Youtube channel that features comedy content and he creates it all by himself with a group called “The 25-year-old boy ruling world”.

Funnymike’s content is always fresh, he never fails to entertain his followers. His videos are full of laughs and practical jokes that will keep you guessing what comes next.

Funny Mike is a popular YouTube star who enjoys introducing himself as Young 22 and Savage22. He has an impressive height of 182cm (5 ft 11 inches) with weighed 74kgs or 154 pounds.

In this article, you will know about Funnymike Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Career, and Girlfriend in 2022.

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Funnymike Biography

Professional Name Funnymike, Young 22,Savage 22
Real Name MacArthur Johnson
Birthday October 8, 1996
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
United States
Hometown Baton Rouge
Age 25 Years
Height 182cm (5 ft 11inch)
Weight 154lbs (74kg)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Married
Wife/ Girlfriend Jaliyah Monet
Kids 2
Son Name MacAuthor Johnson Jr.
Daughter Name Londyn
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession Youtuber, Rapper, Entrepreneur
Education Graduated
Zodiac Sign Libra
Funnymike Net Worth $3.5 Million
Instagram FunnyMike
Twitter FunnyMike

Funnymike Early life & Family

Funnymike was born and raised in Louisiana, USA. He currently lives with his parents who are supportive of all he does including schoolwork or pursuing a passion for content creation. Funny Mike’s dad Denis Jones went through tough times growing up so the Cay translators everywhere have made it possible that their family will never be without food on the table.

Funnymike Early Life

Mike’s siblings are very famous on his youtube channel, and he uploads videos with them too. He has four kids – three brothers who all have their own channels; one sister that doesn’t but is still close to the family because they spend so much time together.

Funnymike attended the prestigious Tara High School, which is in his hometown.

Funnymike started his content-creating and comedian career through the app “Vine”. He realized that he was being noticed, which made him take this passion seriously. Afterward, Funny Mike went on to create multiple other successful apps like ‘Funny Tee’ where people can share their funny shirts with friends or family members who enjoy looking at them too.

He’s a talented artist, with the ability to rap as well. He once mentioned that 21 savages inspired him and named himself after those same numbers “Young 22” or “Savage”- depending on what mood he is in!

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Funnymike Career

Funnymike’s career is on the rise. He started out as a nobody, but now he has become one of Canada’s most well-known Youtube stars with over 200 thousand subscribers to his channel! His main occupation consists mainly of YouTube uploads; every day there are usually at least some new videos from him (sometimes even multiple times per day).

His youtube journey has been filled with success as he uploads his comedy and rap music videos on the site. His first ever uploaded video was a hit, gaining almost 1 million views in just weeks! This is due to how popular they are online nowadays; people love seeing what you’re up to even if it’s not theirs – especially when there’s an entertaining story behind every clip like this one here. He also created another channel called “funnymike&Jaliyah” where Together we can see all sorts of cool stuff from Funny Mike & Jallyah’s life (their current wife).

He spends too much time on social media platforms because his channels are based around family comedy.

His fans were loyal to him, even if he wasn’t that much of a celebrity. They stuck by his side and supported every video upload because they knew how hardworking it takes for someone like Willpower2 to Persuade himself into becoming successful on YouTube or Vine.

He started uploading his rap music on the internet in 2016. His most popular song to date is “No Heart,” which he released alongside an album of instrumentals named after it; however, people were more interested when they heard another one called ‘Jumpin’. This led him into making a video for them instead.

He started his company from scratch and is now able to enjoy a handsome amount.

He hosts a show, “Wild’s Out.”

Funnymike Girlfriend/ Wife

Funnymike’s girlfriend is now his wife. He was previously dating a girl who also worked with him, but he has reportedly found love again in the form of Monet Jaliyah from social media fame.

Funnymike Girlfriend

The couple has two kids; a daughter, Londyn (born in February 2019), and a son MacAuthor Johnson Jr.,( July 2020).

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Funnymike Lifestyle, Cars, House

He has a luxurious lifestyle that he likes to keep simple.

Funnymike has a luxurious house with an estimated value of $2 million.

His collection of cars is very costly. One is a Mercedes Benz worth $125,600 and another has an equally impressive value at 380 thousand dollars.

Funnymike cars

Funnymike Net Worth

Funnymike net worth is a believable 3.5 million dollar.

When he started his youtube channel, Mark got paid about $7000 per month. now with the success of YouTube and show hosting which brings in more earnings every year than ever before.

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His Youtube channel and show contribute a massive amount of money.

He’s a merchant who owns an online business and the owner of these chain restaurants.


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