Latrese Allen Net Worth: Latrese Allen is one of America’s most famous and well-known comedians.  Latrese Allen has an estimated net worth is 1$ Million as of 2022. Not only does she perform stand-up, but also enjoys making videos for YouTube where her channel has over 300 thousand followers.

Latrese Allen is a Youtube Vlogger and has been featured in many TV shows as well. She posts her daily life adventures on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which have helped to build up a fantastic following of followers that love listening alongside Latrese every step of the way!

Latrese Allen Net Worth & Income

Net Worth $1 Million
Annual Income $120,000
Monthly Income $10,000
Profession Stand-Up Comedian, Youtuber
Age 37 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio


Latrese Allen’s Age, Height & Weight

Latrese Allen, a 37-year-old woman from Queens NY has been chronicling her weight loss journey on Youtube. She posts videos about food and exercise with the goal of encouraging others who are looking for motivation or need something fun to watch!
In one video shared last year she talked about how ObjectLayer had helped keep track while working towards reaching daily goals: “I was able to take these counts every hour so there was no guesswork involved.”

Latrese Allen is a Scorpio and has an African American ethnicity.

Latrese Allen Early life

Latrese Allen was born on November 16, 1984, in Sarasota Florida to parents Jervis and Juanita. She has two brothers – Antonio (the oldest) who is five years younger than she is; brother Martin four years junior also named after their father’s side- Joseph Jr., whose namesake comes from her mother’s family name which means “God saves”.
In addition, Latrese enjoys spending time outside with friends whether it be at the park or just hanging out doing something simple like going grocery shopping together.

Latrese Allen Early Life


When Latrese’s grandmother raised her in Sarasota, she had a father who was sadly killed when the news came that he had been involved in an incident. The loss of this man gave rise to many complications for Latrez’s mother; Pamela Diane Allen became pregnant again just one year after losing him due to both their fathers being victims – which led them into believing it would be best if they moved away from Florida so as not cause any more trouble or heartache among other members within families already suffering enough at such young ages
Moved around constantly during childhood because my grandparents were always looking out

Latrese was born into a family where she had to take care of her mother, who suffered from depression after the death of her husband.

Latrese wanted to be an entertainer from the age of 15, when she realized that comedy was what made her heart race. She watched all kinds of shows and then started posting funny sketches on social media platforms later in 2010 – which is how it all began!

Latrese Allen’s Education

Latrese Allen was always the go-getter in her class, and after graduating from high school she didn’t want to stop there. enrolling at Sarasota institute of Technology (STU) proved that Latreses’ ambitions were well founded – not only did it give this hardworking student more opportunities but also allowed for better job prospects too!

Her family wasn’t happy with the choice of career and wanted to make her into something more “useful.” Now she’s famous all around town for being a great comedian!

Latrese Allen’s Career

Latrese Allen’s love for singing led to her first ever performance at the age of 15, but it wasn’t long before she found herself more interested in comedy. It is said that this skill comes naturally due not only to having a great sense of humor but also because Latresses have experienced some tough times which makes laughing all worthwhile!

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When she first started doing comedy, it was only with the help of video tapes. In 2010 though; after watching different shows and making her own skits that captivated viewers online – She went onto the stage at clubs all over Chicago for people who wanted more than just an audience participation game!
She got such great feedback on this new hobby/career shift that by 2012 there were no obstacles keeping them from achieving anything any longer:)

In 2011, She started making vlogs of her daily lifestyle and uploading them on Youtube. After several years passed by with no recognition for this work in sight (and considering how popular YouTube has become), she began appearing as a guest star on different comedy tv shows which would eventually lead up to David Makes Man 2019!

She started making vlogs of her daily lifestyle and uploading them on Youtube in 2011. After several years, she began to appear as a guest comedian on various comedy TV shows such as David Makes Man 2019!

Latrese Allen Biography

Name Latrese Allen A.K.A Real Comedienne Latrese Allen
Age 37 Years
Birthday November 16, 1984
Birthplace Sarasota, Florida
Height 5 feet 1 inch ,1.54 m,154 cm
Weight 85 Kg (187 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity Black
Father Anthony Jhonson
Mother Pamela Diane Allen
Siblings N/A
Husband N/A
Son Courtney
Education Graduated
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $1 Million
Youtube Real Comedienne Latrese Allen

Latrese Allen Family

Latrese Allen family

When she was just a little girl, Pamela Diane Allen lost her father in an incident which left the whole family grieving. It wasn’t long afterward that they heard about him being killed too-and on top of everything else their mother got depressed!

Latrese’s grandmother raised her in Sarasota, Florida. She has never heard any information about Latrese’s siblings or parentage– even though she had many opportunities to learn more than just their names when living with them during her childhood years!

Latrese Allen’s Husband & Son

Latrese Allen is a single mother of her son Courtney. Courtney is 17 years old.

Latrese Allen son

Latrese’s son came forward and cleared the air about his sexuality, which lead to an assault by Latreses mother.
Latrese Allen’s baby father is unknown. However, she shared a photo of her dead son A’Blesson Abraham on social media with the caption “my lil man.”
-LatreSE also had another child after he passed away which leads us to think that there might have been some sorta connection between them since both children were only babies when they lost their lives.

Latrese Allen’s New House

Latrese revealed that she had been experiencing security issues with her old house, and this was the main reason for moving in order to find better accommodations.

Her new house is a dream come true for the family of four. They can finally enjoy their wealth in peace and quiet after years on the road, with enough space to spare!

Latrese Allen Net Worth

Latrese Allen is an entrepreneur who has built her career on YouTube. She’s the woman behind Stand-up comedy skits in different clubs, donations to one’s official website for those interested and Tiktok videos where people can subscribe!

She’s a well-known celebrity and model, who is often heard on TV or radio commercials for various brands.

Frequently Askes Questions:

How much is Latrese Allen Net Worth?

Latrese Allen Net Worth is $1 Million as of 2022.

How old is Latrese Allen?

Latrese Allen is 37 years old as she was born on November 16, 1984.

How tall is Latrese Allen?

Latrese Allen’s height is 5 feet and 1 inch ( 1.54 m)

What happened to Latrese Allen’s son?

Latrese Allen’s son, A’Blesson Abraham, died at 12 months. She shared her son’s picture on her social media platforms.


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