SSundee net worth: Ssundee net worth is estimated at $20 million. a YouTube gamer who has a net worth of $20 million. He gained his massive following after uploading gaming videos on Youtube, which attracted millions more people to follow him and enjoy what he does best – play games!

The young YouTube personality made videos on his favorite game, Fortnite. He also likes to upload Minecraft content for kids in the audience who might be interested!

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SSundee Biography

Name SSundee
Real Name Ian Markus Stapleton
Age 34 Years
Birthday December 2, 1987
Birthplace Michigan, USA
Height 6 ft ( 1.82m)
Weight 87 Kg or 192 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Parents N/A
Siblings 2
Marital Status Married
Wife Maddie Stapleton
Ex-Wife Madelyn Joi
Kids 2
Son (from ex-wife) Colton Stapleton
Son (from current wife) Simeon Luke Stapleton
Education Nandula High School
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $20 Million
Instagram ssundeeyt
Twitter SSundee

SSundee Real Name

SSundee real name is Ian Markus Stapleton. He has a YouTube channel that contains gaming content and his lineage can be traced to Irish and African tribesmen who were brought together by slavery in America centuries ago!

SSundee Age, Height & Weight

SSundee age is 34 years. His birthday is December 2, 1987. Ian’s height is 6 ft or 1.82m, while his weight is 87 kg or 192 lbs. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

SSundee Early Life

Ian Max Stapleton, known by his screen name SSundee was born in the US. His birthplace is Michigan while he celebrates his birthday on December 2nd, 1987 at age 34 years old with a pretty tough early life that includes having to move from state-to State often because of family issues which can be attributed for some part due perhaps all these hardships faced during childhood may have influenced whose music we hear today.”

SSundee Early Life


He left his home country of South Africa at the age of 8, moving with his parents to Louisiana. He spent two years in Virginia before making another cross-country trek back westward for Air Force service where he served 4 tours out on active duty and 2 stays in reserves grade – spending six very formative decades living outside but not quite inside America’s borders!

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SSundee Career

SSundee is a gaming content creator who started his channel in 2009. He’s been passionate about games since he first watched them as an infant, leading him to create videos of himself playing COD (call of duty) and many other popular titles on YouTube. After seeing how well they resonated with viewers, sandy decided that this would make for good full-time work.

SSundee Career

He joined the “Machinima” network in 2011 and due to his excellent skills, he ranked top five on “Minecraft Creations.” This success proved a stepping stone towards a glamorous career because subscribers increased by 6 million people within two years.

Ian started playing Call of Duty after his father bought him the game for Christmas one year, but he deleted all videos related to COD and switched over to Minecraft. Ian became popular in this new world too- many pro players noticed how good they were at MSI 2017 because those games are what brought them together!

In 2013, Ssundee joined the “Team Crafted” crew which included pro-gamers to help him evolve his skills and get recognized by gamers worldwide.

In 2017, he took a short break from his social accounts because of the many problems in life. This period lasted about four months and during this time David shifted to Canada due to issues with marriage law there that would have given him more freedom had they not been an issue at home too!

His YouTube channel is now a household name after he made an unforgettable come back in 2018 with two successful series. The first one is “Super Craft Bros.,” which has already gathered over 6 million views and accumulated positive feedback from viewers about how interesting it was to watch this new show that focuses on crafting games together! Not only does Brian have amazing content for his fans but also offers valuable tips like where you can buy cheap items or get rare resources when playing multiplayer games online – all things we know gamers love hearing answers to!! His second hit web series came out just last month called “Jail Break.”

SSundee’s rise to stardom started when he began playing Minecraft and ended up in front of the camera for a web series. He was able to take his success with him over into “Fortnite,” which has allowed him an even greater number of subscribers than before!

SSundee’s posts are always entertaining. He recently posted the “Try not to Laugh challenge” on his account, which quickly became a popular video that received over 1 million views in just 24 hours! In it you can see him being haunted by some ghosts with friends for Halloween night entertainment – what else would we do?

He’s not into Fortnite anymore. He’s started to play “Mid Night Ghost Hunt,” a video game and the response from audiences has been overwhelming!

SSundee’s Education

SSundee began his schooling in Michigan and then attended Nandula High School for four years. After school, he went on to gain a degree from allergic rhinitis specialists in Indiana!

SSundee started working as a construction worker after quitting school. He spent most of his time on YouTube telling viewers that he was in the team building roads and bridges for this new country to make its way around America, proudly showing off all these accomplishments with an American flag tie-dye shirt!

SSundee’s Family

SSundee is a mystery man, never sharing his personal information on social media. He has only ever mentioned “dad” and “mom” in passing as if they were family members who traveled with him for years before finally settling down somewhere a few months ago according to reports from locals near where he lives now! It seems like there’s more than meets the eye here–who are these people? What do their jobs entail??

SSundee is the middle child in a family of two. His siblings’ names are not known as well, but it’s likely that they’re also boys because there was only ever just one girl born to this mom during her lifetime!

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SSundee’s Wife & Kids

SSundee was married to Madelyn Joi in 2006. They had one son, Colton Stapleton (2009), who is now all grown up and living his life apart from hers due to differences between them that continue today!

In 2014, SSundee married Madelyn Stapleton.

SSundee’s Wife & Kids

She was his second wife, but the relationship they had earlier started to crumble after 3-4 years of marriage. It is unclear what caused this breakup; some say it could have been because he fathered another child with someone else during their time apart (though there are no confirmations).

In 2019, the couple announced the birth of their baby boy Simone Luke Stapleton. After giving an update on how things are going with them, SSundee said that now they’re doing well and differences have been sorted out!

SSundee House & Cars

SSundee is living his best life. He earned everything in this world through hard work and determination, so it’s only natural that he would enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with many exclusive cars to show off all of those accomplishments!

SSundee Net Worth

SSundee net worth: SSundee net worth is $20 million. His primary source of income is from ads and sponsorships, which make up the vast majority (over 90%) in fact!

He’s one of the most successful YouTubers in recent times, with an income that regularly tops $500k monthly.

With his vast fortune, he is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars in America and has been able to purchase property all over this country.

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FAQs About SSundee

What is the age of SSundee?

SSundee age is 34 years. He was born on December 2, 1987.

What is the height of SSundee?

SSundee height is 6 ft or 1.82 m while he weighs 87 kg or 192 lbs. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What is the net worth of SSundee in 2022?

SSundee net worth in 2022 is approximately $20 million.

Who is the wife of Ssundee?

SSundee is currently married to Maddie Stapleton. The couple has a son named Simone Luke Stapleton together. SSundee also has another son of almost 13 years of age from his ex-wife, Madelyn Joi.

Where does SSundee currently live?

SSundee currently lives in Jacksonville, South Carolina, with his wife and son.



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