Travis Scott Net Worth:

Travis Scott Net Worth: Travis Scott is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who has been on the music scene for quite some time now. He’s known as one of America’s youngest and wealthiest rappers. Alongside that, he also works on behalf of Kylie Jenner (spouse).

Travis Scott net worth is around about $60 million. It’s expected to grow by another doubling in the next few years, as he attracts a huge fan following who are curious about his life and career details – here we go!

Travis Scott 2022 | Biography, Career

Travis Scott  Wiki/Bio/Travis Scott Net Worth
Name Jacques Webster the Third
Date of Birth 30th April 1992
Nationality American
Spouse Kylie Jenner
Net Worth $60 Million
Gender Male
Profession Singer and Record Producer
Age 30 years

Travis Scott Early life: 

Travis Scott was born on 30th April 1992, in Houston, Texas, United States. He is a singer-songwriter and rapper who has been involved in music since an early age. His real name is Jacques Webster but goes by the stage name “Traviss” while living with grandma when he was six years old before moving back to Missouri where they lived until enrolled at Elkins High School for grades then pursuing studies aboard starting out UTSA as well however dropped out leaving behind everything except one thing: “music”.

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Travis Scott Career: 

From dropping out of university to forming a music duo with his old friend Christ Holloway, Travis sold his first few tracks on My Space. After that, he was in “The Graduates” which released two projects together, and then as an individual act when they moved from New York City back home at the age of 24 years old without any money or resources but still a passion for making those beats!

Travis’ first solo project was set to be released in 2021, but unfortunately, it got delayed because of clearance issues. However, his 2013 iTunes download made its way onto the market before then-and now fans can listen as well! At the 2014 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival he performed and also released “Days Before Rodeo” – a mixtape full of =hot rap songs about cars or something like that?

It doesn’t really matter what you call them; all we know is there’s plenty more where those came from when Travis takes charge again next year…

When he finally released his first studio album in 2015, it had been accredited to Grand Hustle and Epic Records. The Weeknd was one of the artists featured on this record alongside other popular names like Juicy J or Kanye West for example! This made him No3 spot on US Billboard 200 chart at least temporarily until another artist took over that position later down the road

In 2016, Travis released his second studio album “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” which became a massive hit and topped charts worldwide. That same year he signed one of the most important contracts with Universal Music Publishing Group for over 100 million dollars’ worth (100M).

Travis won several Music Awards, including:

  • People’s Champ Award 2016.
  • BET Hip Hop Awards.
  • Billboard Music Awards.

He’s been nominated for Album of the Year at Grammys and has won twice since then. He was also up again in 2018, including Best Rap Album this time around!

How Does Travis Scott Spend His Money?

It’s no secret that Travis Scott is one of the highest-paid rappers right now. The young star has been busy making dollars by going on tours and releasing popular tracks for his fans all over social media!

Travis is a well-rounded musician who not only makes money from his music and merch but also has a lucrative sponsorship deal with Nike. He enjoys buying cool clothes as often as possible which you can tell by all the customized shoes he buys!

The rap star is a car aficionado; he gave himself an elegant Bugatti Chiron for $3.1 million on April 30th, 2020, and has been giving expensive gifts to friends like Kylie Jenner with each purchase increasing by over one hundred thousand dollars since then! Scott also owns the white vintage 1950s Rolls Royce that was gifted at her 21st birthday party last year – just in case you’re wondering what she drives now…

Scott bought a huge mansion for $23.5 million in Los Angeles and it’s not even close to being the most expensive house on that block!

Travis Scott Personal Life: 

In 2017, Travis Scott started dating the most famous star of our generation- Kylie Jenner. Their love story quickly became one that people would be talking about for years to come as they welcomed their first child together in 2018! A year later though things weren’t going so well and according to top sources, it’s because he fathered a baby girl with another woman behind her back (can you say awkward!). But luckily after some time apart from each other, these two heartfelt sweeties made up again which led us here today: Two adorable kids plus one more on its way makes life simply divine

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Travis Scott Net worth and Salary: 

Travis has worked hard to get where he is in life, and now that success can be attributed not just to his singing talent but also to all of the time spent sleeping on sidewalks before achieving global recognition. He earned $60 million dollars between 2017 – 2018 according to top sources! He released many albums/mixtapes while earning such an impressive sum (in addition), which makes sense considering how much music means personally speaking; after all, it was one thing when we were younger who knew any better-but nowadays people have

The youngest billionaire in America is a girl called Kylie Jenner. She has $900 million dollars, which she got from her beauty products and other sources.

Travis and Kylie have been enjoying a super luxurious lifestyle with their kids.


Travis Scott is an incredible singer and rapper who’s achieved huge success in his career. He made his debut back when we were still just getting acquainted with the world of hip-hop, but by 2012 he had already become one of its biggest names! Later on down this road together Lil Wayne & Kanye West both sampled some tracks from “honored” which helped boost that album into global consciousness giving us all a taste for what was coming next: diamonds

Travis has a very versatile voice and he is very consistent with his works. His albums have reached the number one spot in billboards ranking. Travis has a very decent personal life as well, as he has millions of fans and followers.


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